Selected for healthy
and profitable
tilapia farming

GenoMars's research and development ensures genetic gain to the farmer.
GenoMar's fingerlings are adapted for farming in pond and cage.
GenoMar's fingerlings are delivered with favourable traits.

More than 30 years of tilapia breeding

GenoMar has the most long-standing commitment and dedication to professional and innovative breeding work in the tilapia industry.

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Testimonials from farmers

Vietnamese aquaculture farmer sitting in front of his farm, holding small tilapia in his hands.

“I am very happy with the GenoMar fish. My experience and feedback from other farmers, confirm that the fish is uniform in size, has high survival and grow fast during farming”

Vietnamese tilapia farmer standing beside his farm.

“I have been buying all my fingerlings from GenoMar since it was introduced to Vietnam in 2021. This is a top-quality fish with a good body shape, low mortality, and fast growth. GenoMar is my preferred brand among all the available brands in the market today”

Vietnamese aquaculture farmer standing in front of his farm, holding a tilapia in his hands.

“Tilapia from GenoMar is of good quality. The fish has a nice appearance, and it helps me to sell and make more profit than with another fish. I will continue to buy GenoMar fingerlings in the future and recommend it to other farmers too”

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