Successful importation of GenoMar tilapia broodstock into Colombia

GenoMar employees and official representatives are inspecting the fish.
Reception of tilapia larvae broodstock in GenoMar Genetics Colombia.

The first top genetics lines were imported from GenoMar’s breeding center in the Philippines. The fish will be grown to maturation and serve as the parent stock for commercial fingerlings to Colombian farmers. The deliveries are expected in the third quarter of 2023.

Further expansion in America

The milestone follows a five-year-long process to get approvals from the regulatory authority in Colombia – the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario [ICA] and the establishment of GenoMar Genetics Colombia in 2021. The company is a joint venture with Agroavícola Sanmarino S.A., a Colombian poultry genetics distribution company belonging to the Italcol Group and GenoMar Genetics Group.

“I am extremely satisfied with reaching this milestone which takes us one step further into our effort of expanding our presence in the major tilapia markets in the American continent. I want to congratulate our teams and partners in the Philippines and Colombia for having persevere and never given up on this complex process”

Alejandro Tola Alvarez, CEO of GenoMar Genetics Group

The importation took place on January 12th, 2023, from the company´s SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) breeding center in the Philippines. Upon arrival in Colombia, the ICA took samples of the fish to check for the absence of disease-causing agents.

The fish is out of quarantine

After going through the quarantine and customs clearance procedures in Bogotá, the GenoMar genetic lines were transported to the official approved quarantine farm that the company has in Flandes, Tolima province. During the 30-days quarantine period, the ICA inspected the facility, water quality and health status of the fish. The fish was officially released on February 14th.

Outside the GenoMar Genetics Colombia facility.
The entrance of GenoMar Genetics Colombia’s PS (Parent Stock) Center in Flandes, Tolima province.

“We have a lot of interest and expectation in the market right now. I believe that the 30 years breeding work on the GenoMar strain will have a positive impact on improving tilapia production in Colombia. We will start R&D trials very soon”

Martin Cordero Ordóñez, General Manager of GenoMar Genetics Colombia

Local distribution of superior genetics

GenoMar has a clear strategy for operating close to where the customers are by owning their own distribution centers. GenoMar Genetics Colombia will be able to supply high quality starting material and professional technical support services to the Colombian tilapia industry.

The company is also working to get relevant approvals for importing genetic material from its new breeding center in Brazil. This will open opportunities to import new genetic lines in the future. A shorter transportation way will also improve welfare and reduce cost during shipping.

Tilapia transport boxes.
The GenoMar tilapia broodstock was packed in these transport boxes and shipped to Colombia from the breeding center in the Philippines.
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