Year: 2020

One of AquaGenetics do Brasil’s site Paranaiba, located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Photo: AquaGenetics do Brasil.

Piscicultura Aquabel becomes AquaGenetics do Brasil

Piscicultura Aquabel Ltd, Brazilian largest tilapia fingerling and juvenile producer is becoming AquaGenetics do Brasil Ltd as part of the business restructuring following the acquisition of AquaAmerica in 2Q 2020.

GenoMar Genetics begins construction of a new Tilapia breeding center

As part of its ongoing investment programme, the GenoMar Genetics Group, which distributes tilapia genetic products under the brands GenoMar, Aquabel and AquaAmerica has announced the building of a new tilapia breeding and genetics center in the state of Tocantins, Brazil.

GenoMar acquires AquaAmerica and AquaPorto

GenoMar Genetics AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of EW Group GmbH, has announced the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of the genetics and distribution assets of AquaAmerica / AquaPorto, an independent Brazilian tilapia breeding and distribution company based in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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