GenoMar has officially opened a state-of-the-art Breeding and Genetics Centre in Brazil

Watch the video of GenoMar’s state-of-the-art Breeding and Genetics Centre in Monte do Carmo, Tocantins, Brazil.

The facility was officially opened last Friday, October 21 in a ceremony taken place in Palmas, Tocantins. Representatives from the company, authorities and industry leaders gathered to celebrate this strategic investment that supports the development of a profitable and sustainable tilapia industry in Brazil, Latin America, and the world.

Investing in a safe, sustainable, and efficient tilapia industry

The dedicated breeding centre took two years to construct and will be the first of its kind for tilapia species in the Latin American region. It will have sufficient capacity to manage GenoMar´s breeding programs as well as to produce parent stock for its distribution operations. The new facility will enhance GenoMar´s already unrivalled distribution infrastructure in Brazil and support its expansion efforts in the region with Colombia and Mexico in the spotlight.

“This facility provides an ideal and safe home for our breeding programs in Latin America. It will significantly strengthen our ability to breed tilapia with optimal and predictable field performance for the Brazilian and international markets”

Diones Almeida, Breeding Director at GenoMar Genetics Latin America

Enhancing selection decisions for tilapia breeding

At this facility some of the world´s best tilapia geneticists and scientists will work applying the latest technologies in selective breeding to continuously enhance favorable traits. This includes balanced breeding for growth rate, feed conversion rate, health, and adaptability to global production environments as well as to increase the fillet yield and fillet quality in GenoMar brands and products.

GeonMar employees standing at the entrance board of the Breeding and Genetics Centre in Monte do Carmo, Tocantins, Brazil.
Some employees of GenoMar Genetics at the entrance of the Breeding and Genetics Centre in Brazil.

Unique fish health and biosecurity

The breeding centre has a high biosecurity level and an effective surveillance program for the most important tilapia pathogens worldwide. After obtaining official accreditation of its own quarantine facility in January 2022, the company is already working very closely with the respected Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) in Brazil to certify the facility as Specific Pathogen Free [SPF] and/or disease-free compartment in the coming years.

“Every decision about site selection, water source and layout has been made to develop a new standard for biosecurity in the industry”

Marina Delphino, Fish Health Manager at GenoMar Genetics Latin America

The introduction of new animals into a country is well recognized as one of the main routes for the spread of diseases when carried out indiscriminately and without meeting the zoo sanitary requirements established by the countries. This investment will increase the resilience of the Brazilian tilapia industry and transform Brazil into an exporter of high-quality tilapia genetics.

“I am very proud of this milestone in the history of our company. The team has worked untiringly to develop a breeding centre that comply with high-level biosecurity, good fish health and multiplication of high merit brood stock to the tilapia industry”

Alejandro Tola Alvarez, CEO at GenoMar Genetics Group
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